Smart receipts for modern businesses.

Are you a business that wants to achieve net zero and believes in sustainable solutions for your customers?

We make great receipt software with privacy, carbon neutrality and user experience at its core.

Whats more, we can save you money.

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We believe in sustainable privacy, that’s why we do digital receipts.

Receipts today cause billions of trees to be cut down annually, that’s a rate of a football pitch per second.

Many don’t know BPS, the chemical used in the production of receipts, allows for a cheap alternative to ink, however, it has been proven to cause cancer. This is a concern for the few that know, going digital can protect the welfare of staff and customers.

Furthermore, the chemical used cannot be recycled, meaning 9.9 billion receipts end up in landfill each year in the UK alone.

Revolutionise your business and customer experience with sustainable receipt technology.

Reducing your carbon and waste in-store and online.

Easy & Secure To Use

Why Go Digital ?


Reduce your paper usage/waste and conserve the earth's natural resources. Reduce energy consumption & greenhouse gasses used in the production of paper. 9.9 billion receipts end up in landfill in the UK each year. Receipts are non-recyclable due to the use of the chemical BPS in the production process. BPS has been connected to health problems, including cancer. 


Quick & Easy to scan receipts using NFC technology to access the app & add the receipt. A more efficient experience than traditional paper receipts. No printing, mailing or physical storage required. Digital receipts create a more convenient, personalised, and eco-friendly environment for customers, while providing businesses with valuable insights to improve their business operations.

Enhanced customer experience

Enjoy a modern & convenient shopping experience in store & online. App is easy & intuitive to use. Receipts are easily stored & accessed for accounting, returns, or insurance purposes. Opt-in to receive discounts & offers based on your personal shopping trends.

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